Hello, my name is Madelyne (aka Pointy Chin).

I'm all about eating disorder recovery and body positivity.  Growing up, I struggled with anorexia.  While I have made tremendous strides in the self esteem department, I do have bad days.  It can be hard to value a happy, healthy, fulfilled life over being as skinny as possible.  My goal is to change that, one sarcastic, sardonic post at a time. 

I hope this blog inspires you to share your story.  As soon as I started opening up about my own experiences, others shared theirs.  The more sharing that we can cultivate, the larger this insanely freaking awesome body positivity community gets, and the closer we can come to hopefully truly loving ourselves.  Leave a comment on a post, follow me on Instagram @pointy.chin.diaries, honestly do whatever you want.  I'm so happy you're here.